Would You Like to Hear from Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over into the Spirit World?

Are You Open to Gaining Valuable Insight About Your Life?

Do You Want to Have an Enjoyable Dining Experience with Stimulating Conversation?

If so, then come to a Psychic Dinner! Every event features a gifted psychic medium who gives messages to the attendees from their deceased loved ones. These fun and enlightening gatherings are held in private sections of reasonably priced restaurants located throughout Southern New Jersey.

You’ll dine from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Then from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm gallery readings are given. Afterward you can “Meet & Greet” the psychic medium and speak to her or him privately.

In a gallery reading the psychic medium walks among the attendees and stops to share messages with individuals from their deceased loved ones. The goal is to give information, clarity and guidance as well as healing and closure to those who seek it. Messages are always delivered in a positive manner that is intended to benefit the recipient.

You might hear from a dearly departed relative or friend. You may also gain valuable insight about your life. You will most certainly have an enjoyable dining experience and stimulating conversation with those around you!

There will be as many messages given as time allows and while one is not guaranteed for everyone, you are assured of an exciting evening of discovery! Women, men, friends, couples and anyone age 18 or over is welcome to attend. And, if you come with one or more people, you can be seated together at the restaurant.

Advance Tickets for Each Psychic Dinner is Limited to 50 People. Get Yours Early and Save $!


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